My kids ask me what I do, and I don’t have a good answer for them. There is something pejorative about all labels.
— Alex Bogusky

More Than My Job Title:

The Power of Hybrid professional identities in today's workforce



What do you do?

Today, we all have multiple professional identities.  We're shifting into a gig economy with freelancers, free agents, and part-timers becoming more and more the norm.  No one does just one role within their assigned job.  For instance, even though my job title is Assistant Director, I'm so much more than that, and what does Assistant Director even mean?

This book is an extension of my dissertation research, which sought to investigate the concept of multiple professional identities and what happens when they collide to create hybrid professional identities. Not only does this phenomenon exist, it's currently unspoken and unnoticed in most circles.

The major finding in this work is when we crossover and combine our professional identities, this is when new identities are created.  I refer to these as hybrid professional identities, and I believe they are where our talents really shine and make our careers come to life.  In the intersections are where our secret skills lay and where our unique abilities manifest.

Personally, I refer to my professional identities in various combinations such as artist/researcher/designer/educator, but I've realized I tend to interchange and exchange them as they shift.  I'm in the process of writing this book, and I would love any tips and suggestions about publishing and publishers.

What are your professional identities? Feel free to email me with comments and thoughts.