As a boundary crosser, I facilitate the creation and transfer of ideas between disciplines in order to lead groups through the messiness of implementing complex solutions to multidimensional challenges.


An Art Installation for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 2008 (Aspen, CO)

I led a collaboration between Anderson Ranch Arts Center, The Aspen Institute, artists Mike and Doug Starn, and 300 children from the Roaring Fork Valley. The installation included a 6’x 45’ digital mural and a cloud of 1,200 handmade prayer flags designed to spread prayers, hope, and good wishes.  

story swap.jpg

Story Swap: Haiti & New Orleans, 2010 (Haiti)

Story Swap is a project where two partners share a significant, life-changing story– one that defines who they are and has  altered their life perspective.  After listening attentively and exchanging stories, one on one, each partner takes the story they heard and is tasked with recreating it as their own. 


Imaginarium Design Challenges, 2015-2016 (Denver, CO)

An opportunity for parents, students, teachers, leaders, and community members to pitch innovative ideas around improving education for students of Denver Public Schools.  Sponsored by the Imaginarium at DPS, and awards were funded up to $10,000. 



Art educator institute, 2009 (Snowmass, CO)

A unique weeklong opportunity that brought 15 K-12 art educators from across the nation together to think critically about their dual identities as artist/educators, and to reconnect as artists while earning continuing education credits. Sponsored by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.


“Best Children’s Float” in Aspen’s Old Fashion 4th of July Parade, 2010

“Garden Gone Wild” was the theme of our parade float which lent itself to a wide array of artistic elements. 


Graphic Facilitation

Part of my design toolkit involves graphic facilitation to make thinking visible.  I am trained in graphic recording and facilitation, and I use visuals to illustrate discussions as well as to direct the flow of sessions.



JUnkyard portraits at Habla, 2009 (Merida, Mexico)

Developed with teaching artist Karla Hernando Flores, we co-taught a workshop that focused on exploration and re-interpretation.  We used found objects to encourage discovery and inquiry of the everyday world.  Then, we asked students to create self-portraits coupling the objects with written stories.


Night on Fire, 2006 (Eleuthera, The Bahamas)

At The Island School, I taught students about ephemeral and performance-based art. We used biodiesel made at the school and collaborated to create interactive works of art.  Students documented the event through photography.


Curriculum hack, University of Denver 2010 (Denver, CO)

Combine a hackathon with education and you get a Curriculum Hack: a time and space for educators, students, and experts to collaboratively deconstruct and re-design innovative learning experiences. The intended outcome is new models of courses and curriculum developed collaboratively by teams of educators, students, and experts.


Competitive Idea Lab, 2013 (Denver Startup Week)

Pushing the envelope of what's possible in education, teams were challenged to design a new product that could radically improve learning. I brought 30 undergrad students from the University of Denver to join more than 60 participants (ages 7 to 65) in mixed age teams.  In 2 hours, 7 teams developed mixed media prototypes of new learning tools or products.


Life Sandwiches, 2010 (Francis Parker, San Diego, CA)

What are the key ingredients that make up your life? Ninth grade students expressed their lives as sandwiches and cleverly arranged items they cared most about into visual compositions.  Ultimately, they revealed what's between their outer layers.


Remote Controls to Change the World, 2011 (Francis Parker, San Diego, CA)

Sixth grade students developed personal remote controls that had specific features and functions.  Each remote control was accompanied with a user guide to explain how it works and what unique things it was capable of doing.